Windows That Can Save Your Energy Bills

With the changing environment, saving money on your energy bills because even more important. Many people in their homes lack energy efficient features in their home, where energy is constantly lost. 35% of energy is lost through your windows – think of all that money that is getting wasted!

Domestic energy consumption has increased by 32 per cent since 1970 and by 19 per cent since 1990.

82 per cent of energy used in households is for space or water heating.

What is clear is that making savings in the domestic sector will benefit consumers through saving money and benefit the UK in general by decreasing the generating capacity required. The pressure on the UK generating capacity is high as the UK attempts to change the way it generates electricity from fossil-based fuels to cleaner, renewable energy.

How do we stop this from happening?

Stopping all this energy loss is important, and simply enough the procedure is easy. Replace your windows with energy efficient materials.

An easy way of checking how efficient a window is, is looking at the U-Value which should be provided with every supplier. A U-Value is an energy rating which will be on windows that have a legitimate form of energy efficiency. Materials with a higher u-value let out more heat, whereas a lower value lets less heat pass through.

So what windows are suitable for your home?

Eco windows are the perfect windows for any roof light. It provides a U value of 0.65 W/m2K – these roof lights save you money on your energy, without compromising on light in your home. Many roof lights also work with laminated glass as it provides the best security and safety for your home.