Simple Steps to Save the Environment

Humans, like all living creatures, have an impact on the environment. We constantly interact with it with just our existence. Having in mind that we humans are on the top of the food chain we’re the ones who influence environment the most.

Unfortunately as we conquer new tops and discover more things we systematically abuse and destroy entire ecosystems. If we continue at the present rate we’ll not only run out of resources but also irreversibly damage the planet.

What can we do about it?

Fortunately, things are not so bad and can be fixed by changing a few things in our everyday life. Did you know that your car produces CO2 emissions equal to its own weight roughly for 6000 miles? It may not seem like a big deal, but imagine what could happen if once a week no one uses their car. Imagine it for a week or month, although it seems impossible we’re going to be forced to take measures sooner or later.

Together, we can make a difference.


All of us can contribute to saving the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions by using public transport instead of our own cars. We can reduce the usage of water in three easy steps – when we brush our teeth most of us keep the water running. These are approximately 2 gallons of drinkable water going to waste in each brush. Conserve your water.

The same applies when you’re showering, if you don’t use water for the time being turn it off.

Using a dishwasher is another way to reduce water usage, but make sure it is full when you turn it on. It isn’t worth turning it on for two dishes and one glass. If you start doing this, you’ll not only save a lot of money but also help save the environment.

You can also reduce the usage of electricity around the house by simply turning off the lights every time you leave the room. You should also invest in energy saving bulbs and unplug all electrical devices if you leave the house for longer periods.

Chemicals We Use

We’re surrounded with products containing different amounts of chemicals. The most concentrated amounts are found in cleaning solvents. Their molecules can turn into dangerous compounds once they come in contact with sources of dirt.

VOC (volatile organic compound) is then released into the air. This affects your health and contaminates the water which you throw away. With all of these dangerous chemicals, you may think you are cleaning; however you are contributing to the pollution in the environment.

Unfortunately some of those residues can’t be eliminated in the waste-water treatment plants and remain in the environment where it builds up. You can easily avoid the usage of those products.

A way to avoid the amount of dangerous chemicals are released into the environment is to use ‘green cleaning products’ at home. At your place of work, make sure your office cleaners are using environmentally friendly products and if not, request that they do or switch your providers.

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If you’re interested in saving the environment and preserve it for future generations you can make a difference today by following these easy steps.