Making Homes More Environmentally Friendly

Making Homes More Environmentally FriendlyImproving your home with the environment in mind

Take a look at some environmentally friendly improvements you can make to your home, room by room.

There is room for positive change in every part of your home, from the kitchen to the garden shed, there are dozens of ways to improve the sustainability within the home.


By the outside we don’t just mean the garden, of course, you can plant more flowers to attract bees and improve the ecosystem, or you can use a water but to collect and reuse rainwater, but the actual exterior of the house is often overlooked when looking to make the home more eco-friendly.

There are a number of changes to the house that can really improve its sustainability, particularly to do with energy efficiency.


25 per cent of the energy used to heat the home is lost from the roof, therefore the roof should be a big focus for homeowners looking to become more energy-efficient and thus more environmentally friendly.

While it is a common thought that not much can be changed in the roof to make this change other than insulation, the cause of this problem is actually often due to poor materials being used.

Replacing a faulty roof that lets in too much cold air and even leaks can create a drastic change in energy efficiency. Take a look at how to save on energy here.

Rubber is just one option we think is great. EPDM roofs are not only heat and cold resistant, and durable but they are recyclable too, meaning if ever you need to replace them, they can be fully recycled. Take a look at some EPMD roofing options.


Windows are another source of heat loss and energy wastage. Poorly fitted windows, thinly glazed windows and breakages are just some of the causes of energy deficiency in the home.
Look into improving your home by updating your windows, specifically double glazed windows as a major way to make your home more sustainable.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the most important room when it comes to saving energy and becoming more eco-friendly.

Almost every part of the kitchen can be improved from the food in the fridge to the taps and cupboards.


Making Homes More Environmentally FriendlyThe first thing to do when deciding if your kitchen amenities such as the fridge and dishwasher is to check they are energy star rated.

This means they have been confirmed as energy-efficient products based on government guidelines.

You should also make sure that you know how to use these products in a way that you can save as much as possible, as straightforward as it seems, be sure to read their instruction manuals as they may contain important information on how you can do this.

Here’s a small guide on how to save energy in the kitchen

In The Bathroom

The bathroom follows the same kind of procedure with appliances etc.

But, there is more that you yourself can do like the obvious, short showers over baths, investing in eco-friendly toilets and reducing the usage of the tap where possible.

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